Lice Ice Gel & Spray (4 FL OZ | 8 FL OZ), Head Lice Treatment for Kids and Adults, Safe & Non Toxic | Family Size - Made in USA

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Brand: Natural Rx


  • BEST VALUE: Our 4 FL OZ Gel & 8 Fl OZ Lice Ice Spray is Known to be Effective in Suffocating & Preventing Head Lice. Our Non-Toxic Spray is Gentle Enough for Everyday Care BUT Powerful Enough to ICE: Nits, Lice, & Adult Louse in THEIR Tracks!
  • STOP HEAD LICE FAST: Our Doctor Recommended Formula will quickly Smother Lice & Its Cousins from Spreading to DIFFERENT parts of the Body, Clothing, or Furniture! Protect Against Re-infestation – NO COMB REQUIRED
  • EASY TO USE | NON – TOXIC: Apply Treatment as Needed with little to NO Combing to Solve your Lice ISSUES. Typical RESULTS will Suffocate & STOP Lice in 15 HRS or Less!
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION: Made from Natural Powerful Ingredients, Our Head Lice Treatment Will Prevent the Spreading of Lice and Its Cousins. Pesticide-Free, Our Trusted & Safe Ingredients are Manufactured in an FDA Certified Facility!
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA: To Us, Quality Is Everything! That Is Why We Have Engineered, Tested, And Manufactured Our Lice Ice Treatment Right Here in The USA. With Over 20+ Year Old Formula, We Stand by Our 60 Day Money Back Guaranteed Program! **** PLEASE DIRECT MESSAGE SELLER TO QUALIFY**

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: Natural Rx



Lice Ice is a doctor recommended, powerful, effective and safe head lice treatment that is known to both treat and prevent head lice. When used as directed, our natural lice remedy will smother the lice, release nits from the hair and help protect against re-infestation. Non-greasy and pleasant-smelling head lice spray! WILL NOT dry out hair like other treatments or remedies, easily washes out with regular shampoo. STOPS adult lice by suffocation. Lice can't grow resistant to treatment, use as often as re infestation occurs. Lice Ice can be diluted 1 part to 4 parts water and applied to wet or dry hair and scalp as a spray. Typical RESULTS will Suffocate & STOP Lice in 15 HRS or Less

  • Trusted Expertise - Doctor Recommended with 20+ Years of Lice Protection

  • Easy Application - Distributes Spray evenly throughout hair, clothes, furniture & More!

  • Safe, Non-toxic, and Pesticide-Free Formula - Harsh on lice and super lice, with no harmful chemicals or pesticides

  • Proudly Made in USA!


INGREIDENTS:  Purified Water; SD Alcohol; PVP/VA copolymer; polyquaternium II; Tragacanth Gum; Dimethicone Copolyol; Carbomer 940; Triethanolamine; Tea Tree, Lemon, Lavender, Thyme, and Essential Oils

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