Jura Cappuccino Cleaner, Milk Frother Cleaner 8oz / 8 uses, Milk System Cleaner for Automatic Espresso Machines With Frothers

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Brand: Essential Values

Color: Clear


  • BEST VALUE Cappuccino Cleaner / Milk System Cleaner on Amazon! 8oz (250ml) bottle with 8 uses, MADE IN USA
  • ECONOMICAL & SAFE ON MACHINE formula designed for Jura & other high end Fully Automatic Espresso Machines With Milk Frothing Systems
  • REMOVES milk fat & protein build up from frothing equipment in less than ten minutes
  • COMPARE to JURA 63801, Rinza / Urnex brand Milk System Cleaner Cappuccino Cleaner at a FRACTION of a price
  • CONVENIENT on-bottle measuring line in 1 ounce increments with 8 ounces of water. Follow Machines instructions to enable milk cleaning, use after each use.

Details: Simple Cappuccino Cleaner solution by Essential Values doesn't break the bank and delivers effective results for your pallet and your machine. It's important to cleaner your frother after each use to remove and prevent any unwanted milk protein build up that can effect taste you care so much about! Use cleaner daily when milk frother has been used. Each bottle provides 8 cleanings. 1) Follow machine's instructions to enable Milk System Cleaning. 2) Use 1 ounce of cleaner (as marked on the bottle) per 8 ounces of water. Combine cleaner (1oz) and water (8oz) into separate carafe or use machines reservoir (on select models) 3) Run cleaner through system, run fresh water through system to rinse