Humidifier / Airwasher Cleaner & Descaler for Venta, Boneco, Air O Swiss / EZCal, Crane and other humidifiers by Essential Values, 8oz

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Brand: Essential Values


  • Best Value Humidifer Descaler On Amazon & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! *MADE IN USA* - 1 8oz Application per bottle
  • Our Citric Acid based, Non-Toxic, Odorless solution is formulated for breaking down the hard water lime scale & calcium build up in humidifiers more effectively than vinegar.
  • For Venta Airwasher and Boneca humidifiers, use every 6 months either before and after the season or mid season to improve efficiency in hard water areas
  • Extends life of humidifiers, evaporators and vaporizers by allowing your machine to run more effectively

Details: Simple Humidifier Descaler solution by Essential Values that doesn't break the bank and delivers effective results for your appliance providing a safe removal of lime scale build up and hard water deposits. Our solution is a non-toxic and formulated for the use in Airwashers and Humidifiers. Follow these simple instructions: 1) Turn unit off and remove all accessories prior to cleaning 2) Pour entire 8oz descaling solution into the base of the unit and also 8oz of water (For Aventa Airwasher units, completely fill lower housing with water) 3)Let the solution sit for 60 minutes. (For Aventa Airwasher units, run machine on the lowest setting for 2 hours) 4) Drain and thoroughly rinse out the base with warm water 5) Your humidifier is ready to be used again.