Essential Values Water Reservoir & Bottle Cleaning Tablets (24 Pack), Comparable to Hydrapak & Other Tabs, Quickly Removes Stubborn Stains & Odors

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Brand: Essential Values


  • BEST VALUE ON AMAZON - 24 Uses Per Container, 24 Count Of 1 Gram Tablet (1 Year Supply). Engineered To Eliminate Odors & Stubborn Mineral Stains For Dirty Bottles & Reservoirs, Hassle & Scrub Free!
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICATION - Tackles & Removes Tough Stains - Works Perfectly To Clean Any Hydration Reservoir, Steel Bottle, Coffee Mug, Cooler, Dish, As Well As Hard To Clean Plastic Containers & More
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY & SAFE - Citric Acid Base, Our Natural Cleaning Tablet Protects You, Your Family & The People Around You. No Harsh Chemicals Are Made In Our State Of The Art Technology. Fast Acting, Biodegradable, & Chlorine Free!
  • IMPROVES TASTE- Regular Cleaning May Improve Taste While Preventing Odor & Stain Build Up. Tablets Size Are Ideal For Traveling, Camping, Biking, and Anywhere That Convenience Is A Necessity! Gain More From Your Lifestyle While Sustaining Quality & Taste
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA - To Us, Quality Is Everything! That Is Why We Have Engineered, Tested, And Manufactured Our Tablets Right Here In The USA. If You Are Not Happy With Our Product, NO PROBLEM - Get Your Money Back Guaranteed! **** This is an aftermarket replacement product produced by Essential Values. Essential Values has no affiliation or endorsement from any manufactures mentioned

Publisher: Essential Values


Essential Values brings you everyday products that don't break the bank. We use the products we sell to ensure the highest quality of standards but more importantly to make certain our customers are receiving the best customer experience possible! We believe everyone has the Right to Enjoy a Clean, Fresh Tasting beverage EVERY TIME - Regardless of Bottle/Reservoir Type & Size! Our 24 tablet container gives you approximately 24 uses of cleaning at a fraction of the cost of the Major branded cleaners. Buy Today!

Basic Cleaning Instructions:


Bottles:*Simply Fill Drinking Container With Warm Water & Add One Cleaning Tablet. Let Stand And Soak For 30 Minutes. Discard Solution and Rinse Thoroughly With Warm Water Until Adequate Cleaning Has Been Desired.

Reservoirs:** Scrub Reservoir Interior With Brush, Soap & Water. Rinse, Then Refill Reservoir With Water & Add Two Tablets. Let Stand For 30 Minute. Empty, Rinse & Go! *For Stubborn Build-Up, Use 2 Tablets & Let Stand Over Night. ** For Stubborn Odors, Use 4 Tablets & Let Stand Over Night.


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