Essential Values Multi-Purpose Peroxide Cleaner (Gallon / 3.78 L) - Extra Concentrated with Citrus Fragrance

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Brand: Essential Value


  • BEST VALUE for QUALITY ON AMAZON: The Essential Values Peroxide Cleaner (Gallon/128 FL OZ) is NOT ONLY the most Cost-Effective Product on the Market Today, but a Perfect solution for your EVERYDAY CLEANING needs. EXTRA CONCENTRATED | ECO FRIENDLY | | MULTI-PURPOSE that works Excellent for Residential & Commercial Environments!
  • ALL-IN-ONE UNIVERSAL CLEANER!: No Job is TOO TOUGH for our Peroxide Cleaner! Deep clean Restrooms, Kitchens, Mirrors, Floors, & other surfaces Easily & Efficiently. Contains 5% of Active Hydrogen Peroxide, the Perfect Ratio for Effectively Removing Greasy Soils, Dirt, and Brightening Grout Lines and Floors!
  • EXTRA CONCENTRATED | PROFESSIONAL GRADE FORMULA: **DILUTION IS REQUIRED** JUST use 4 Fl OZ per Gallon of Water! Fast Acting and Powerful at cleaning ANY SURFACE with FRESH CITRUS SCENT! Great for use with Mops, Sprays, & even Wiping off Surfaces to KEEP GERMS OUT!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Help Maintain GOOD HYGIENE with Our Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration. Safe to Use for Daily Cleaning on ANY SURFACE. NO HARSH CHEMICALS OR ODORS. DOT approved for Transportation!
  • 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We Believe in Our Customers & Stand by ALL Our Products, IF NOT – No Questions Asked. Proudly Made In USA and Also Tested, Developed, Manufactured in a CERTIFIED FACILITY! *NOTE: This is an aftermarket replacement product produced by Essential Values, Inc. Essential Values has no affiliation with or endorsement from any manufacturers mentioned

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EPA/Safer Choice recognition does not constitute an endorsement of this product. The Safer Choice label signifies that the product’s formula, as Essential Values has represented it to the EPA, contains ingredients with more positive human health and environmental characteristics than conventional products of the same type. EPA/Safer Choice relies solely on Essential Values, its integrity, and good faith, for information on the product’s composition, ingredients, and attributes. EPA/Safer Choice has not independently identified, that is, via chemical analysis, the ingredients in the product formula, nor evaluated any of Essential Values non-ingredient claims. EPA/Safer Choice provides its evaluation only as to the product’s human health and environmental characteristics, as specified in the Safer Choice Standard and based on currently available information and scientific understanding.