Essential Values 64 Servings Emergency Food Supply (64-Day Supply / 1 Breakfast per Day) – Fortified & Enriched Oatmeal

  • $94.99

Brand: Essential Values

Color: 64 Day Supply


  • BEST VALUE ON AMAZON: 64 Serving Sizes for 64-Day Emergency Survival Food Supply! 1 Pouch = 8 Serving Sized Meals with 4 Pouches per Box! NOT COMPARABLE with Quaker, Enriched with Fiber, Protein & Essential Nutrients for Camping, Hiking, Dorm Rooms, Large Gatherings, Food Prep, Meal Survivals & MORE!
  • 12 MONTH SHELF LIFE!: Our Survival Food Meals are DESIGNED to withstand the Test of Time, Reducing WASTE and WORRY when Maintaining Disaster Relief Readiness. Comes Packaged with Reusable Sealable Bag making This Bundle More Convenient than EVER for Making Multiply Meals!
  • NUTRIENT ENRICHED FORTIFIED FOOD SUPPLY: Not Just an Excellent Addition to your families Emergency Kit & Food Supply Pantry, But PERFECT in Size, Taste, & Nutrition! PACKED FULL OF VITAMINS 1 Pouch Makes up to 8 Different Meals. Packed full of Fiber, Protein, & Carbohydrates NEEDED for Emergency Survival Situations
  • EASY TO USE WITH INSTANT PREP: JUST ADD WATER! Simply to use, ADD Boiling hot water in Survival Situations or Microwave for Convenience in Your Own Home. Made with Natural Oats & Cinnamon Ingredients with GREAT TASTE & READY TO EAT DIRECTIONS in 5 MINUTES ALONE
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA: To Us, Quality Is Everything! That Is Why We Have Engineered, Tested, And Manufactured Our Emergency Food Supply Meals Right Here in The USA. If You Are Not Happy with Our Product, NO PROBLEM – We Stand by Our 60 DAY Money Back Guaranteed Program! **** PLEASE DIRECT MESSAGE SELLER TO QUALIFY****