Essential Values 4 Pack Golf Regripping Solvent (8 Fl Oz), Double The Solution Compared to Others - Excellent for Quick & Easy Regripping of Golf Clubs - Made in USA

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Brand: Essential Values


  • BEST VALUE - Our 4 PACK 8oz Golf Regripping Solvent Can't Be Beat On Price! We've Engineered A Cost-Effective Economical Solution That Won't Break The Bank!
  • QUICK & EASY TO USE - Regrip Your Club And Get Back On The Course In No Time. Solvent Allows Removing Of Old Adhesive And Sliding On New Grips With Ease!
  • UNIVERSAL - Works Great On Any Putter, Driver, Wood or Iron For ANY New Grip
  • IMPROVE YOUR GAME - Slipping Grips Can Be Problematic For Your Game, Now IT's Easier Than Ever To Get New Grips On And Secure
  • REUSABLE SOLUTION - SAFE - A Non Toxic, Non Flammable Liquid Solution. REQUIRES 2"X10" Double Sided Tape * GRIP TAPE NOT INCLUDED

Publisher: Essential Values


Essential Values Delivers Every Day Products That Don't Break The Bank. Our Golf Club Regripping solvent is Safe, Non Toxic And Features A Drip Tip For Easy Delivery of Solvent Without Spilling. You'll Find Our 8oz Liquid Solution Of The Best Cost Per Ounce Value Without Compromising Quality. Best Results Require A Generous Amount Of Solvent On Tape, Shaft & Grip - Safe, Non-Toxic Formula So You & Your Clubs Are Safe!

Grip & Rip Solvent is used with double sided tape for regripping golf clubs of any size and type, making regripping even easier and more affordable than ever!

Instructions for Use:


  1. Place club on any surface with club head faced out (Optional - Sold Separately): Secure club in a vise using a rubber vise clamp
  2. Remove old grip and any remaining tape with hook blade or knife
  3. Apply light amount of solvent to wipe away any excessive adhesive with a paper towel
  4. Apply 9 inches of double-sided grip tape extending ¼" over butt end and fold ¼" of tape into the end of the club
  5. Apply a generous amount of solvent inside of the grip and over the length of the tape. Swirl the solvent inside the grip and pour over the tape quickly
  6. Quickly Install the grip by pushing it over the butt end of the shaft while tape is still wet
  7. Place grip as desired until grip is fully flush with the butt end of shaft
  8. Allow grips to dry for hours before use

Make Sure To Remove Both Sides Of Crepe Tape For Best Performance

Can Use A Tee To Plug Grip Hole To Keep Solvent Under Control

Made In The USA!

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Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches