Essential Values (2 Pack) Cutting Board & Butcher Block Mineral Oil (8 fl oz)

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Brand: Essential Values


  • BEST VALUE & QUALITY - Our (2 PACK) 8 Fl Oz Essential Values Cutting Board & Butcher Block Mineral Oil is The Best Value & Lowest Cost Per Ounce Without Compromising Quality on The Market Today. Designed to Replenish Moisture That Has Been Lost with Time While Protecting & Restoring New Wood Surfaces
  • PROTECTS LIFE OF CUTTING BOARD - Apply Mineral Oil Provides an Initial "Oil" / "Seasoning" that Deeply Penetrates Wood Pores to Help Bring Out a Natural Rich Wood Color. This Not Only Provides A Better Visual Experience but Improves The Life of Your Cutting Board by Preventing Drying & Cracking
  • EASY TO USE & MAINTAIN - Plug & Play Friendly, Simply Squeeze Onto Cutting Board or Butcher Block & Spread With Clean Hands, Paper Towel, or Cloth to Wood Surface. Repeat Process for Thicker or Darker Woods Until Results Have Been Desired! Allow 6 Hrs to Dry Before Use & Apply 1 Once a Month For Best Results
  • PROPRIETARY BLEND - Maintain the Natural Wood Feel with An Odorless, Tasteless, & Colorless Solution! Not Only Food Grade Safe but Also Excellent to Help Prevent Bacteria Growth & Maximize Food Taste
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA! - Tested, Developed & Manufactured In The USA, If Our Engineered Formula Does Not Meet Your Needs - No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee! We Believe In Our Products, Therefore We Stand By ALL Our Customers

Publisher: Essential Values


The Essential Values Cutting Board & Butcher Block Mineral Oil is formulated to enhance the beauty and extend the life of wood and bamboo kitchenware and surfaces. Made from the markets finest Mineral Oil, Essential Values provides an affordable, safe, & effective solution to deeply penetrate wood surfaces to protect against excessive drying or cracking from life's ware. With our engineered formula, Essential Values provides a Natural and Effective way to eliminate food odors while preventing sticky residue surfaces from forming! Buy today & protect your wood kitchenware!

Directions: (Shake Well Before Use)

  • Clean surface of cutting board before applying Mineral Oil. It is safe to wash board with warm water & gentle soap. Let board dry thoroughly.
  • Next, apply a generous coat of mineral oil evenly over the entire wood surface including sides of board.
  • Let stand for 4 hours - 6 hours (overnight works best). Board should appear wet & hydrated when finished.
  • Repeat process above for thicker wood/other kitchen utensils, or when results have been desired!

*Note: For new boards, it is normal to repeat process between 3-4 times before ready for use!

Safe & Trusted Ingredients:

Mineral Oil, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol)


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