4PK Conductive Gel (8.5 OZ / 250 ML), Best For Use With Facial Toning Devices - Hypoallergenic Formula & Fragrance Free

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Essential Values Conductivity Gel is recommend for all Electro-Medical procedures ranging from Ultrasound’s, TENS, and many more monitoring & stimulating systems. (Do Not Use For Defibrillation). Our solution has been engineered to gain consistency from your Electrode Pads while providing a non-irritating, hypo-allergenic, salt-free experience. Not only see better results from your Electrode Pads but now improve the life of your Electrode Pads with a simple quick & cost effective application. Little now means more!


IMPORTANT: Shake Bottle Well Before Use

Step 1: Clean Skin Before Application

Step 2: Apply A Small Coat Of Thin Gel To Bottom Of Electrode Pad

Step 3: Attach Electrode Pad To Area Of Skin

*** Each monitoring & stimulator system is different; please consult the manufacturer of the device for proper instructions on how to adequately apply electrode gel.* DO NOT USE FOR DEFIBRILLATION</p><p><strong><em>Best Value On Amazon Today | Guaranteed Satisfaction | Improved Performance

  • BEST QUALITY– Our 4 Pack (8.5 OZ / 250 ML) Is Not only The Most Cost Effective Product On the Market Today, But A Perfect Solution To Get The Most Out Of Your Conductive Gel. Now Only A Fraction Of The Price Of Other Brands, Essential Values Ensures Best Quality, Or Your Money Back!
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICATION – Designed Specifically For TENS, EMS, EPPS, NuFace, Facial Toning & Ultrasound Devices, But Not Limited To These Devices Alone! Works Fantastic For Any System That Requires Conductivity Gel, From TENS Pads To Ultrasound Machines To Electrodes, Our Fast Acting Water Soluble Formula Is A Great Substitute To Other Name Brands On The Market Today
  • EASY TO USE – Our Quick Instructions Make It Easier Than Ever To Apply The Gel In Seconds To Any Device. You’ll Love The Savings From Our Fragrance Free Solution Which Also Improves Life Expectancy of Electrode Pads. Less Now Means More, Therefore Do Not Pay More!
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & SAFE - Derived From Propylene Glycol & A Water Soluble Base, Our Eco Friendly Solution Puts The Confidence In Our Product So You Know You’re Safe From Harsh Chemicals Contacting Your Skin! However, DO NOT USE FOR DEFIBRILLATION! Safe For Any Device Needing Conductivity Gel
  • 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We Believe In Our Customers & Stand By ALL Our Products, IF NOT – No Questions Asked. Our Customers Are Our Priority! 100% Risk Free, Enjoy Your Hobby & Appliances A Like Without The Burden Of Defective Products!