2 PACK Toto Toilet Flapper Replacement, 3" Flapper For G-Max, THU499S, THU331S, THU175S & 2021BP Models By Essential Values

  • $18.99

Brand: Essential Values


  • BEST VALUE - Our 2 PACK Aftermarket Replacement For 3" Toto Flappers Can't Be Beat On Price
  • FITS - Toto Toilet Flapper Replacement For G-Max, THU499S, THU331S, THU175S & 2021BP Models. NOT COMPATIBLE with the following TOTO Power Gravity Toilet Models: CST43SD, CST744SD, CST44SLD, CST743SDB, CST744SDB, and CST744SLDB
  • EASY TO INSTALL - No Tools Needed, Includes Stainless Steel Chain w/ Clip Hook
  • HIGH QUALITY - Specialized Red Rubber For Resisting Chlorine, Bacteria, City Water Treatment, Hard Water and Well Water
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Return With No Questions Asked If Not To Your Standards

Details: THE 3" TOILET FLAPPER is designed with an oversized sealing surface that fits TOTO toilet models and is easy to install. The long-lasting flapper is made of high-quality rubber that helps withstands bacteria, chlorine, hard water, & well water THE LONGEST LASTING RED RUBBER resists chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard water, and well water. The replacement toilet flapper is for TOTO models and the flexible rubber creates a tight seal. HIGH QUALITY REPLACEMENT TOILET PARTS - Need to repair or replace toilet parts? Try Essential Values Toilet Repair because we continue to commit to designing toilet repair parts that are universal to fit most toilets that don’t break the bank EASY INSTALLATION - You won't need to hold down the toilet lever in order to achieve a full flush when you install the TOTO toilet flapper. Tools are not required for installment and is easy to replace. Includes 3" flapper and stainless-steel chain Fits TOTO 3-inch Flapper by Essential Values features an oversized sealing surface to fit large 3 inch *TOTO flush valves. Replacement for TOTO flapper model THU138S. Made of flexible rubber for a tight seal and easy to install, the 2021 includes: (1) Large 3-inch Flapper and (1) Stainless Steel Chain. Replacement for TOTO flapper model THU138S & also Compatible Models for Toto: CST743S, CST743SD, CST743SDBCST44S, CST44SD, CST44SDBCST44SLD, CST44SLDB, CST54SFCST64S, CST774S, CST784SFCST79SF, CST804SMS756204SF, MS853113S, MS854114S, MS874114SPlease note, the 2022 does not fit the following TOTO models: CST743SD, CST743SDB, CST744SD, CST744SDB, CST744SLD, and CST744SLDB Longer Lasting Products Quick & Easy Installation Quality Products at the Right Price! Best Value on Amazon | High Quality Replacement | Durable & Strong Rubber