Essential Values 1 Gallon Concrete Sealer (Covers 1500 Sq Ft) - an Excellent Clear & Wet Sealant Designed for Indoor/Outdoor Stone Surfaces - Perfect for Concrete | Driveways | Garages | Basements

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Brand: Essential Values


Water: (CAS#:7732-18-5), (Function: Diluent)
Styrene-Acrylate Copolymer: (CAS# NA), (Function: Polymer)
Phenoxyisopropanol: (CAS# 770-35-4), (Function: Coalescing Agent)
Tributoxyethyl Phosphate: (CAS# 78-51-3), (Function: Plasticizer)
Surfactant Blend: (CAS# NA), (Function: Leveling Agent)
Silicone Mixture: (CAS#:NA), (Function: Antifoaming Agent)
Ammonium Hydroxide: (CAS#: 1336-21-6), (Function: pH Adjuster)
Benzisothiazolinone: (CAS#: 2634-33-5), (Function: Preservative)
Surfactant Blend: (CAS#: NA, (Function: Dispersing Agent)


  • BEST VALUE ON AMAZON - The Essential Values Concrete & Stone Sealer Finish is The Best Concrete Sealer for Protecting and Finishing Driveways, Sidewalks, Garage Floors, Patios, and Other Concrete Surfaces! Not Limited to Outdoors Alone, Safe for Use Indoors: Pavers, Cinder Blocks, Bricks, Chimney's and Fireplaces!
  • IMPRESS YOUR NEIGBORS - Not like Other Cheap Acrylic Sealers That Do Not Provide a Full Seal! With Essential Values Concrete & Stone Sealer Finish, Become the Driveway of the Neighborhood for Years to Come While Safe & Eco-Friendly ***Approved by the DOT***. Made from the Markets Highest Quality of Siloxane Ingredients, You Will Not Be Disappointed!
  • KEEPS MOSITURE OUT - Keep Your Driveway Looking New and Protect it and other Concrete & Stone Finishes from Spalling, Degrading, Pitting or Cracking! Protect your Investment and Save More with Your Essential Values Protectant Seal - Designed to Tolerate and Protect Surface from Salts, Ions, Stains, Mildew, Fungus, & Freezing and Thawing
  • EASY TO APPLY - Simple to Use with A Beautifully Attractive Clear Finish! Covers up to 1500 SQUARE FOOT for Standard Care! If WET LOOK / HIGH GLOSS Desired, Apply 3 Coats and Allow 1 Hr To Dry Between Coats! ****For Best Results, Surfaces Need to Be Fully Cleaned from Dirt, Dust, Grease, Oil & Efflorescence****
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA - To Us, Quality Is Everything! That Is Why We Have Engineered, Tested, And Manufactured Our Concrete Sealer Right Here in The USA. If You Are Not Happy with Our Product, NO PROBLEM - Get Your Money Back Guaranteed!

Publisher: Essential Values


Essential Values Concrete & Stone Sealer is designed to condition, seal and finish the most non-resilient hard surfaces including concrete, terrazzo, quarry tile, slate, pavers, brick, & sandstone. Perfectly designed to easily maintain and protect stone & tile for Indoor and Outdoor surfaces. Essential Values provides quality and everyday products that DO NOT BREAK THE BANK!


Driveways, Garage Floors, Walkways, Sidewalks, Pool Decks, Concrete Block, Brick Patios


Surface NEEDS to be dry, clean & free from grease, oil, wax, dirt and other sealers. Essential Values Concrete & Stone Sealer comes READY TO APPLY with a plug and play experience. Simply apply with brush, pad applicator, and/or low pressor sprayer in thin & even coats. Allow 1 hour to dry before applying more than 1 coat. Do not thin or shake. Wait 24 hours or longer before allowing objects on surface. Wait 30 days before applying Sealer to any new surface

*NOTE: Always test a small representative area for desired results before applying to entire surface

FOR ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: Damp mop or auto-scrub as needed with a neutral floor cleaner before applying Sealer coat

FOR NO GLOSS: Apply one coat that covers 1,500 sq. ft. per Gallon

FOR WET LOOK / HIGH GLOSS: Apply 3 coats (Three coats cover 500 sq ft per Gallon) IMPORTANT - Allow 1 hour to dry between coats


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Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 6.0 x 6.0 inches