3 PACK Flush Valve Seal For Kohler Toilets, Replacement For K-GP1059291 Models By Essential Values

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Brand: Essential Values


  • BEST VALUE - Our 3 Pack Flush Valve Canister Seal Is a Perfect Replacement Pack For Your Kohler* K-1083980 Canister Seal. Now Only A Fraction Of the Price Of Other Brands, Essential Values Ensures Best Quality, Or Your Money Back!
  • SMART APPLICATION - Our Cost Effective & Engineered Design Seal Allows Simple Instructions Along With SMART Application. Unlike Other Brands, We Incorporated A Lip For Our Seal To Improve Ease Of Adding & Removing New and Old Seals. Save Even More Time Than Ever While Maintaining Simple Hygiene & Not Jeopardizing Quality From Your Toilet!
  • IMPROVE YOUR FLUSH - There's Nothing More Problematic & Embarrassing Than When Your Toilet Loses Pressure & You Have To Deal With The Commentary From Your Guests About The Noise. Therefore, Essential Values Keeps You Ahead Of The Game With 6 Flush Valve Seal Replacements. It's Time To Keep Your In-laws, Friends & Other Family Members As Quiet As Your Well-Run Toilet!
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Outside Diameter: 3.375" Inside Diameter: 2.75" We Understand Everyday Home Projects Maybe a Burden For Some, Therefore We Have You Covered. See Below In Our Product Description For FAST EASY Steps For A Quick Installation. Anyone Can Do It & It Takes Only Minutes To Install!
  • Best Used on Kohler Toilets With A Flush Valve Seal. Size May Work With Other Comparable Brands - Our Dimensions Based On Outside Diameter Is Kohler Standard Of 3 3/8". This Is An Aftermarket Replacement Product & Distributed By Essential Values.

Publisher: Essential Values

Details: Our Flush Valve Replacement Pack is made from high grade quality rubber that will fit your Kohler K-GP1059291 Canister. Because of Toilet Gasket Seals can wear with continued use, we have designed a cost effective solution that DOESN'T BREAK THE BANK. Our Replacement Seals are measured 3 3/8" Out Side Diameter with an Easy Access Lip. Our Product is designed for use of Kohler* K-GP1059291 / 2475620 Toilet Canisters, but may be compatible with other generic comparable toilets with flush valve. *Registered Trademarks of Respective Owners & is no way affiliated with Essential Values. Kohler does not endorse this product. Our product is not covered under any other manufacturer's warranty except for Essential Value's Products. Any use of Kohler Brand or model name is used solely to describe & illustrate compatibility of our product. Follow these Simple Hassle Free Instructions: Step 1: Turn the water off (From Toilet Base). Step 2: Flush the toilet to until the entire tank is fully empty - This may involve a few quick flushes. Step 3: Next, Un-clip the flush chain from back of the toilet. Step 4: Next, Twist the stem counter clockwise until you hear a click. (This may be difficult- so use some force) Step 5: Next, Lift out the flushing unit from the back of the toilet tank & Remove Old Valve Seal. Step 6: Replace Old Seal with your NEW seal (Please use only one Seal Per Toilet) Step 7: Replace the stem back to original spot & Twist clockwise until stem has been sealed into place. Step 8: Finally, Reapply the flush chain & Turn Water back on. Step 9: Ready to GO!

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